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Green Remodeling Articles

Colorado's Green Industry

The Green Industry and the Economy

As many have come to notice, Colorado’s green industry is growing at an exceptional pace. The term “green industry” includes everything from nursery and garden centers to landscape care and maintenance. Also included are such fields as golf courses, florists and greenhouses. With so much growth it is important for people to take notice of the many economic contributions the green industry offers to Colorado.

According to an independent study conducted by Colorado State University, Department of Ag and Resource Economics with support from GreenCO, in 2002 the green industry of Colorado contributed over $1.7 billion in sales to Colorado’s economy. The industry also provided 34,000 jobs and paid over $825 million in wages. While this data is a few years old, the new data for 2007 in my opinion will only improve on these numbers. This particular study conducted by Colorado State University is published approximately every five years. For more information on this particular study check out GreenCO’s web site:

So even if you are not a business but a local resident of Colorado, it is important to consider your new home improvement project or even your weekly round of golf, a contribution to Colorado’s local economy.


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By Robert McNary

Bobby McNary
Undergraduate student: Colorado State University
Horticulture; Nursery Management
Creator of
7 Years Experience in the Green Industry


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